Workers Reflections on Educators’ Conference-From the source!

​”...Without a sense of identity, there can be no real struggle…”

  ― Paulo FreirePedagogy of the Oppressed

  COSATU has been participating in DITSELA Educators’ Conference, how can we cement workers’ education provision in the current conjuncture?

  Members and leaders in the Federation must work hand in hand with institutions of higher education, to provide formal education for workers across all workplaces. Such may also mean accelerating partnerships with government departments which deals with empowerment of citizens. COSATU must work more vigorously with the communities as all workers are from communities and the challenges they face daily are a mirror of what their communities are experiencing. Utilization of social media must be another platform to be used to access young workers, to be active in the Trade Union Movement.

Are our Unions/ Provinces taking advantage of DITSELA Education programmes, if, so, what can be done?

  Unions are continuously utilizing the opportunities offered by DITSELA. However, we must consciously interrogate the ‘ploughing’ back of such knowledge to the rank and file. Unions must be encouraged to factor ‘more’ budget provision to attend such programmes DITSELA provides.


  Do the members get to benefit from exchange of knowledge after courses were attended at DITSELA? If, yes, to what extent?

  Unions must re-prioritise budget allocation for workers’ education. More structures must organize workshops where workers are located, at all sites of the struggle. Eastern Cape is one province wherein education provision is underway, however, the challenge is about maintaining a sustainable funding on same.

  What more can be done to improve workers’ education?

  Young workers must be prioritised on workers’ education and social media must be utilized to enhance such education. Unions must fully utilize Twitter, Facebook, Whatzup etc

  Labour must continue to demand a labour slot on the national broadcaster channels and other media, to encourage workers to study while working.

  COSATU and other Federations must unashamedly popularise the achievements of workers’ education, with all graduates paraded to instill the virtues, amongst others, of life-long learning. Institutions of higher must be engaged to assist Labour on policy reviews for workers’ education. Linkages of workers’ struggle with community struggles must be continued.

  What is the one-stop solution to all global challenges?


  Education is the engine for human development