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Occupational Qualification: Trade Unionist Qualification (SAQA ID 118790)

March 12 - March 14

The Trade Unionist Qualification, previously known as the Trade Union Practice Qualification, has been replaced by the Occupational Certificate: Trade Unionist. This program aims to develop the skills and knowledge needed for effective trade unionists and worker representatives. It encourages participants to share their knowledge and experiences, which are essential for workers’ education.

This qualification is an entry-level occupational qualification, and sits at Level 4 on the NQF. It aligns with the trade union movement’s goal of representing the interests of the working class and advocating for justice and equality. Graduates will receive formal accreditation for their achievements, opening up opportunities for further learning.


Participate in the development, formulation and implementation of trade union documentation, policies and procedures

Build and strengthen the structures and membership of the trade union

Act on behalf of members and the union in compliance to the trade union constitutional requirements

The qualification is made up of the following compulsory 6 Knowledge Modules:

  • History and theories of Trade Unionism
  • Trade Union Organisation
  • Fundamentals of labour law for trade unions
  • Fundamentals of Economics for Trade Unions
  • Basic Principles of Financial Management
  • Information Technology for Trade Union

Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 55

There are also 4 compulsory Practical Skills Modules:

  • Develop a policy position for the union
  • Build the capacity for a strong trade union
  • Participate in societal policy initiatives on behalf of the trade union
  • Participate in different legislated structures to advance the interest of the trade unions members

Total number of credits for Practical Skill Modules: 90

This qualification also requires the following Work Experience Modules:

  • Participate in union meetings
  • Participate in statutory workplace committees
  • Participate in membership recruitment and servicing processes
  • Participate in bargaining processes
  • Participate in disciplinary processes

In 2024 the New Trade Unionist Qualification will be piloted and undergo a development process.

Dates reserved for this process are as follows:

Where Date(s) Activity
Johannesburg 12th– 14th March 2024 Material Development
9th– 11th April 2024


March 12
March 14