Support Program

Strategic Priority: The Support Programme combines a response and a proactive approach to the needs of the labour movement. It is about working very closely with individual unions to help build and strengthen organisation.

Requests of a national or provincial nature should be made in writing for the attention of the Executive Director of DITSELA. A consultative process to jointly assess the needs and to develop an appropriate plan of action with time frames and outcomes follows.

All support requests are discussed to ensure that their educational value is emphasised. Support interventions are always evaluated after every engagement. This is done to develop useful reports that capture education lesson and the relevant data.
DITSELA’s support strategy is divided into :

  • Pro – active and
  • Responsive support

This strategy is drawn from past experience of responding to union specific needs that may not be addressed by the rest of the scheduled education and training programme. This helps in planning effectively for union requests for different types of support.
DITSELA schedules time in programme calendar for this support work as Support Weeks, a practice that allows DITSELA to be flexible in its response.