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Educators Conference

November 27 - November 29

DITSELA is intending to host its Educator Conference, depending on the availability of resources. The conference will celebrate worker history and worker education by honouring the workers struggles that produced organizational regeneration that created Fosatu then Cosatu, CUSA and then NACTU in Durban in the 1970s.

It will discuss and interpret the present conjuncture, drawing conclusions for struggles ahead. It will discuss the production of knowledge in society, seeking ways at which worker education can be socially and politically mainstreamed.

It will further delve deep into national policies affecting worker education, worker migration ad shall have a strong component on internationalism. It will be a platform to share research and materials such as books and journals and other studies from across continents.

  1. Defining Workers Education and exploring the context (Conjuncture).
  2. Worker Education and the social system.
  3. Defining the strategic agenda of workers education (5 years -policy and practice).
  4. Developing and launching a worker’s history programme.
  5. Developing a continental worker education research agenda.
  6. Celebrating workers education.


  • To create a platform to meet, discuss, reflect and share experiences and ideas around workers’ education and challenges within the labour movement too.
  • To capture the work that different labour service organisations are doing to support the building of a workers’ education movement.


Trade union educators, Labour Service Organisation educators, education activists and leaders.

Where: Johannesburg
27th– 29th November 2024


November 27
November 29