The Siyakhuluma Series

The objective of the Siyakhuluma seminars is to initiate and stimulate debate and explore different perspective on contemporary issues taking place locally as well as globally from a working-class perspective. The Siyakhuluma topics for 2024 will continue to focus on current political and labour issues, which will include book reviews and launches. The purpose of […]

Educator Skills

Popular Education Practice Workshop programme is an education programme aimed at empowering shop-stewards, community, youth, gender activists who aspire to be trade union and community educators to acquire popular education and facilitation skills and approaches so they may be effective educators. It involves both theoretical and practical knowledge and applications. Aims To produce efficient and […]

Introduction to Labour Law for Administrators: (BLOCK 2)

This course aims to help administrators to develop an understanding of South African labour laws, and how to assist trade union members with legal issues in the absence of union officials. It builds on from the first block on basic administration that was conducted the previous year focused on basic administration in the union. Aims […]

Provincial Education Programme

The Provincial Education Programme is designed to deepen the education capacity and extend the educators’ reach by supporting worker educators to be able to serve others. In pursuing the DITSELA provincial strategy, the organization has scheduled needs analysis meetings in 4 provinces and provincial schools in the 4 provinces. Phase 1: Needs Analysis DITSELA is […]

Media & Communications

This course seeks to help learners to be media literate and critical thinkers that would use media to their advantage as trade union media activists. Aims Critically engage with media in a global context Write opinion and analysis pieces for print media Use radio as an educational medium in support of trade union campaigns Formulate […]

Introduction to labour Law

This module seeks to lean away from applying law on the premises of opinion to that of a fact, within the standard of proof through the balance of probabilities. It further ensures that the learners are in a better position to use the law as the most important tool to organize the working environment. Aims […]

Labour Law Accredited Skills Programme

DITSELA will continue to deliver the Labour Law Skills programme, which is accredited with 20 credits. This module is taken out of the Trade Union Practice Qualification NQF Level 4 with 157 credits. The programme will be delivered in partnership with ETDP Seta and Department of Labour and Employment. It will be delivered in one […]

Negotiation Skills Strategy & Tactics

Participants learn workplace negotiation skills, strategies, and tactics, and link them to union campaigns. They examine LRA sections and understand financial statements and records for strategic approaches. Aims To help union negotiators to be more effective. To practice developing arguments in favour of unions policies. To identify how the LRA provides for information disclosure form […]

Research & Organisational Development Weeks

These weeks are internal platforms for evaluating, designing and planning programme work. During these weeks, information across different department of the organisation is shared. Dates: 22nd- 26th January 2024 (R&D Week 1) 8th-12th July 2024 (R&D Week 2) 2nd- 6th December 2024 (R&D Week 3)   Educators Meetings The National Educators' meetings aim to enhance […]

Labour Law: Arbitration

Participants look into dispute resolution in the LRA and how the CCMA works when we address the follow up process. Additionally, critically look at how to build a legal case with an organising approach and what is needed to prepare for arbitration and the overall arbitration process. Aims To understand the role of arbitration and […]